With this cookie statement we want to inform you about the cookies that can be placed when you use our online platforms.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of information that can be stored on your computer or on another device. When a cookie is saved, your device sends the data from that file back to the party that placed the cookie. As a result, your device will be recognised. The placed cookies remain valid for a limited period from the moment they are placed on a device. For some cookies, the validity period is limited to the browser session, while other cookies remain stored on the device for a longer period.

The personal data we collect with the help of cookies are processed by us in accordance with our Privacy Statement, unless this Cookie Statement states otherwise.

Cookies used by us on our online platforms

The cookies we use can be divided into different categories:

Essential cookies

These cookies are necessary for the operation of our online platforms or certain parts thereof. These cookies are placed when you visit our website or use a part of it.

Functional cookies

The difference between essential and functional cookies is that essential cookies are strictly necessary. Functional cookies are not. But because these cookies are aimed at optimising various functionalities, this has a positive effect on your online experience.

Analytical cookies

The analytical cookies register visits and preferences of visitors to our website. We collect this information to analyse the use of the website.

maer.ro uses the following analytical cookies

Google Analytics

This measures anonymous visitor flows, traffic sources and page views, enabling maer.ro to measure and improve the effectiveness of its website.

Google Adwords

maer.ro uses Google Adwords. When a visitor clicks from a Google ad created by maer.ro, a tracking cookie (single session) is placed to measure the effectiveness of the advertisement. This information is shared with the relevant Google Analytics account. Data is anonymous and Google Adwords measures from a search within Google or source in which a Google ad is shown.


When an embedded video is played on the maer.ro website or a person clicks through to YouTube itself, this anonymously measures playtime, duration, click-through, etc.

Maer.ro uses the following functional cookies

Cookie notification itself

This remembers maer.ro-wide that a visitor has explicitly clicked away the cookie and that this will therefore no longer be shown.

Google tag manager

This is a Google service for maer.ro to be able to roll out the above-mentioned functions on the various maer.ro websites and/or pages. And to retrieve data from the various cookies that have been placed.


Cookies that have been placed are only used within the maer.ro websites. When you leave the maer.ro websites, the collection of information by maer.ro ceases as well, with the exception of Google Adwords, which measures from a search within Google or source in which a Google advertisement is shown.

Cookie settings, blocking and deleting cookies

When you use our website, you automatically agree to the cookies we use. However, you can delete cookies again. In your browser you can set that certain cookies cannot be placed. In addition, you can also delete placed cookies via your browser.

Keep in mind that if you choose to refuse or delete cookies via your browser, this will affect the essential cookies and the performance cookies. This may be detrimental to your user experience.

Maer.ro reserves the right to regularly amend this cookie statement in order to explain matters even better.